July 12, 2019

Gregg Allman Classic Albums Get Vinyl and Deluxe Edition Treatments

Legendary singer/pianist Gregg Allman’s classic albums Laid Back from 1973 and its 1974 followup, The Gregg Allman Tour, will be re-released on August 30, the former as a double disc CD and on 180-gram vinyl, the latter as vinyl only. It’s the first time in three decades that the long out-of-print …Tour album has been presented in that format, and Laid Back will include dozens of bonus tracks of demos and outtakes, plus new mixes and original alternate takes.

Laid Back was Gregg’s first solo album, his next studio experience after the Allman Brothers Band’s Brothers And Sisters left its cultural mark. As the title suggests, Laid Back explored slower tempos and immersed itself in R&B-ish and Gospel-esque production and performances, a counterpoint to the rock he played with the band he began with his then recently departed brother Duane for many years. The Billboard Top 13 album featured Gregg’s Top 20 remake of “Midnight Rider,” a highlight of the ABB’s Idlewild South LP. It also presented the artist’s take on the Jackson Browne original “These Days” that, in context, still comes off like Gregg taking emotional inventory following the death of his brother.

Directly tying-in to Laid Back is The Gregg Allman Band Tour LP that documents the previous album’s supporting concert appearances, the artist accompanied by a 24-piece orchestra whose members included players from the New York Philharmonic. The LPs not only will be released as black vinyl but a limited run of grey and white marble platters also will be available.

written by Mike Ragogna



LAID BACK remastered

1.       Midnight Rider

2.       Queen Of Hearts

3.       Please Call Home

4.       Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing

5.       These Days

6.       Multi-Colored Lady

7.       All My Friends

8.       Will The Circle Be Unbroken

LAID BACK early mixes

1.       Midnight Rider (Early Mix)*

2.       Queen Of Hearts (Early Mix) 

3.       Please Call Home (Early Mix)*

4.       Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing (Early Mix)*

5.       These Days (Early Mix)*

6.       Multi-Colored Lady (Early Mix)

7.       All My Friends (Early Mix)*

8.       Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Early Mix)*


LAID BACK demos, outtakes & alternates

1.       Never Knew How Much (Demo)**

2.       All My Friends (Demo) 

3.       Please Call Home (Demo)*

4.       Queen Of Hearts (Demo)*

5.       God Rest His Soul (Solo Guitar & Vocal Demo) 

6.       Rollin’ Stone (Catfish Blues) (Solo Guitar & Vocal Demo)**

7.       Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Solo Guitar & Vocal Demo)

8.       Multi-Colored Lady (Solo Guitar & Vocal Demo) 

9.       These Days (Solo Guitar, Piano & Vocal Demo)*

10.   Shadow Dream Song (Solo Guitar & Vocal Demo) 

11.   Wasted Words**

12.   These Days (Alternate Version with Pedal Steel Guitar) 

13.   Multi-Colored Lady (Rough Mix)*

14.   These Days (Rough Mix)*

15.   God Rest His Soul (Rehearsal)

16.   Midnight Rider (Rehearsal)*

17.   Song For Adam / Shadow Dream Song (Solo Guitar & Vocal Demo)

18.   Melissa (Live at the Capitol Theatre)*

* Previously unreleased

** Previously unreleased mix


Side 1

  1. Midnight Rider
  2. Queen Of Hearts
  3. Please Call Home 
  4. Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing

Side 2

  1. These Days
  2. Multi-Colored Lady
  3. All My Friends
  4. Will The Circle Be Unbroken



Side 1

  1. Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing
  2. Queen Of Hearts
  3. Feel So Bad

Side 4

  1. Turn On Your Love Light
  2. Oncoming Traffic
  3. Will The Circle Be Unbroken


Side 2

  1. Stand Back
  2. Time Will Take Us*
  3. Where Can You Go?*

Side 3

  1. Double Cross
  2. Dreams
  3. Are You Lonely For Me Baby

* Performed by Cowboy

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