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A Conversation with Yusuf Islam – HuffPost 10.27.14

Yusuf Islam: Yeah, I’d say I’m setting myself free in a way, to make the kind of music and sing the kind of songs I was influenced by, especially in my young teenage years. We used to listen to R&B records in the clubs, that was what really drove me into music. And so many bands like The Beatles and The Stones were all getting off on the same thing.

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A Conversation with Earth, Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey – HuffPost 10-24-14

Mike Ragogna: Philip, let’s talk about Holiday. It’s a mix of secular, sacred and spiritual, with “A Song To Mother Earth” pretty much representing the Earth, Wind & Fire credo. So what inspired the choices for songs? Philip Bailey: We actually did a survey, which most artists do, because you only have the one chance […]

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A Conversation with Barry Manilow – HuffPost 10.22.14

BM: Well, Verve, the record company that I’m on this month are great people and one of the guys I’m working with is a wonderful guy named Jay Landers who’s a Senior Vice President there said, “What about you doing a duets album?” Of course, everybody’s doing duet albums and some of them are pretty good, too, so I said, “Yeah, let me think about it.” I said, “How am I going to make my duets album any different from all of these other duets albums that we’re hearing constantly?” So I made a list of who I would like to sing with and as I started making my list I realized many of these people are gone. I would love to have sung with Judy and with John Denver who was a friend of mine and with Louis Armstrong and Sammy Davis Jr.. It would be my dream to have been in the music business when they were at their peaks. I said that to Jay and I said, “I know this is impossible,” but he said, “It’s not impossible.”

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