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A Conversation with Genesis’ Mike Rutherford – HuffPost 10.31.14

Mike Ragogna: Mike, Genesis’ new anthology, R-Kive, is an overview of the musical creativity of not only Genesis but it includes the works of each member of the band as well. How did it come together? Mike Rutherford: It started, really, with the documentary. Eagle Rock wanted to make a documentary of The Lamb Lies […]

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A Conversation with Kasim Sulton – HuffPost 10.31.14

Mike Ragogna: Kasim, “Clocks All Stopped” from your new album 3 sounds like this group called Utopia that featured Todd Rundgren, Roger Powell, this guy Kasim…oh, hold on… Kasim Sulton: I often get confused with the other guy named Kasim Sulton…oh, wait…there IS no other guy named Kasim Sulton! MR: Yeah, I deserved that. So. […]

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A Conversation with Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta – HuffPost 10.29.14

Mike Ragogna: Gabe, Cobra Starship’s latest, “Never Been In Love,” features Icona Pop. Who’s idea was this mighty union and what was the collaboration like? Gabe Saporta: We had been wanting to do a collaboration with Icona Pop since we first heard them! They signed to our label and we got the chance to do […]

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A Conversation with Live’s Chad Taylor – HuffPost 10.29.14

Mike Ragogna: So you guys have been together for a while, it’s got a new self-titled album and, what is this, like your twentieth anniversary? Chad Taylor: We’ve been a band now for 29 years, but it’s the twentieth anniversary of Throwing Copper. It came out in ’94. But we’re in our twenty-ninth consecutive year […]

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A Conversation with Hellion’s Ann Boleyn – HuffPost 10.29.14

Mike Ragogna: Ann, you are closely associated with the term “speed metal” since, well, you invented it. You’ve been a major KROQ personality, you owned the New Renaissance Records label, you’re an icon for women’s empowerment, and your group Hellion released a double disc — not a single disc — anthology, To Hellion And Back. […]

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