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A Conversation with Ben Ottewell – HuffPost 11.5.14

Mike Ragogna: Ben, your new album Rattlebag follows your critically acclaimed debut solo album, Shapes And Shadows, both albums teaming you with your old pal Sam Genders. How did the collaboration work this time out and was it recorded? Ben Ottewell: The songs on Shapes And Shadows were a collection that spanned six years. Some […]

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A Conversation with North Of Nine’s Jackson Guthy – HuffPost 11.5.14

Mike Ragogna: Jackson, you must be amped about your single “We Ride” and that he band is getting their shot. Jackson Guthy: Yeah, we’re really stoked! We’ve been working so hard, so it’s great to finally see everything materialize. “We Ride” shows our softer side. It’s a track we hope will demonstrate the diversity in […]

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A Conversation with Daniel Lanois – HuffPost 11.3.14

Mike Ragogna: You took a couple of different approaches on your new album, Flesh And Machine. When you first decided to do the project, was this what you had in mind or did it evolve into this? Daniel Lanois: Oh, it evolved into this. I started with conventional songs and then the sidebars and byproducts became more interesting to me than the songs, so I abandoned the songs and went with the excitement of the sonics that I was discovering. It’s a very laboratory-driven record and I’m proud of it that way. For example, there’s a little track on there called “Two Bushas.” It sounds like a symphony but made of components and instruments that are unrecognizable. I’m glad I push the symphonic button with new sounds.

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