September 17, 2014

Marc Ford’s Holy Ghost Arrives September 23rd

Marc Ford
Guitarist for the Black Crowes, Producer of Ryan Bingham, With Credits Ranging from Wilco, Ben Harper, Los Lobos, Allman Brothers and more
Releasing Holy Ghost September 23

If you know Marc Ford’s back story in full, you know it’s about a multi-faceted reputation forged on the frontline as the fabled lead guitarist with the Black Crowes; at the helm of his own bands, and as a vital component of key records and/or tours by acts from Govt. Mule to Izzy Stradlin, from Booker T to Ben Harper; and as the producer of roots-rocker Ryan Bingham and many more. Now, Ford is releasing a new solo album Holy Ghost on September 23, 2014 in the US on Naim Edge Records. The album has plenty of space for Ford to demonstrate that his guitar sorcery is as powerful as ever, but it’s also the best songwriting of his career.

And it’s a family affair – his wife sings backup and Elijah Ford not only has his own career but also supports his dad on the road. Which is why his new video is a perfect reflection of his life and shows – both Kirsten Ford and Elijah are in the video, and Ashley Ford (Elijah’s wife) is a seasoned producer – and she and Skip Konte (Father-in- law) directed the clip in Austin.

The results are inspiring, often upbeat, and always reflective. As Ford himself says, “it’s hopeful, in a dark way sometimes.” But it’s the work of an artist who’s found the inner strength to recharge, personally and professionally. “It’s a reflection of my life,” he says. “I pulled out of gigging and traveling and literally kind of stopped.

The Holy Grail now is to find how you keep a family and a musical career together. We moved to San Clemente, which is a little surf town, and the pace here is slower. It really is a small town feeling, a lot of acoustic guitar playing. I think all that reflects in the record.”

After high school band, he formed his own outfit, in a rock education that would lead ultimately to Burning Tree, the acclaimed LA trio whose powerful local reputation led to a deal with Epic and a 1990 album. Noticed by a bunch of Atlanta scene makers of the day called the Black Crowes, Ford would join them in 1993 for The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, which hit No. 1 and sold two million copies in the US alone as they climbed to the top of the world. His guitars were also front and center of 1994′s Amorica and Three Snakes and One Charm.

Since then he’s played with everyone from – Wilco, Alllman Brothers, Bob Weir, Los Lobos, Lucinda Williams, Taj Mahal and Govt. Mule to Izzy Stradlin, from Booker T to Ben Harper and many more. He also released four solo albums.

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