Laurie Berkner – 12.16.11

Mike Ragogna: Laurie, what advice would you have for new artists?

Laurie Berkner: Well, one thing that always worked for me was to follow what works. Don’t try to plan out and say, “I’m going to do this exact thing and that’s what I’m going to do.” For me, it really worked to pay attention to the fact that I was in a cover band and I was doing kids music and I was writing my own music and to find where I was actually getting the most satisfaction and connecting the most with people. It was through kids music, and so I followed that. It was something that worked out really well for me, and I’ve tried to continue to do that without trying to be…a lot of people like to be very proactive with what they do, and I guess, for me, it’s worked a little better to notice what works and then follow it.

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