Kandace Springs – HuffPost 10.1.14

Mike Ragogna: What advice do you have for new artists?

Kandace Springs: I would say stick to who you are, don’t let people change who you are as far as being an artist and write from your heart. Sing from your heart and just don’t take s**t from anybody else. I got that so much, espeically in the country world, growing up, people saying, “You should do this, do more pop stuff, do more that.” But apparently, sticking to who I was has been the best decision of my life.

MR: Yeah, it gets confusing, doesn’t it? These heavyweights are telling you, “No,” but you push through and it works out. You’ve got to be commended for hanging on to your vision.

KS: People can tell when you’re not being yourself, and I can tell that people are moved more when you are being yourself. That’s what will stick ultimately longer and what people will remember.


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