Dennis DeYoung – HuffPost 9.29.14

Mike Ragogna: I have a question I ask everyone. Dennis, what is your advice for new artists?

Dennis DeYoung: Stay out of the business for Christ’s sake. Who needs the competition?

MR: [laughs] Any other advice?

DD: Obviously, I’m kidding and here’s what I’m going to tell you. Kids, the dream I had, that dream is over. I was lucky by birth, I lived at the greatest time in the history of mankind to be a musician. Never before and never after I believe will so many musicians have the opportunities and the fruitful careers that I have had. I was lucky by birth. You young guys and gals have got a much tougher road to haul than we did. Music is seen as disposable. The audience I had didn’t view music that way. It was vital to their lives. I would say you’ve still got the dream but please keep your eyes wide open because it’s going to be a tougher world for you to exist in.

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