August 13, 2014

David Bason Brings The Storytelling Show

What do you get when you put a founding member of Smashing Pumpkins, a record label owner/stand up comedian, a beloved radio and television personality, and a record industry veteran in a room? You get some funny stories.

David Bason has started a podcast called The Storytelling Show in which he invites friends to join him recounting tales of odd things that happen in the music business. The first episode finds Bason, James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle), Joe Sib (Side One Dummy, 98.7FM Complete Control host, California Calling) and Matt Pinfield (WXRP, MTV, 120 Minutes) talking about their time as talent scouts and some of the uncomfortable situations in which they have found themselves.

David Bason is a music industry veteran who has worked doing A&R for several major and independent labels. He has run a publishing company, started his own label, and managed bands ranging in popularity from small unsigned acts to arena-filling, multi-platinum selling rock acts. He currently manages a roster of Grammy-winning, platinum-selling record producers.

David is also an accomplished musician having played guitar on recordings with New York Dolls, played live with Ian Astbury from The Cult, and recorded with the legendary HR, frontman for Bad Brains. He was even pulled on stage once to play a one-note guitar solo for Amanda Palmer while she was in Nashville recording her first solo record. He has released several records of his own material along with a slew of stories recorded as they happen in his colorful life. (
The Storytelling Show – Episode 1

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