October 22, 2014

Barry Manilow – HuffPost 10.22.14

Mike Ragogna: Beautiful. Since we’re kind of on the subject, what advice do you have for new artists?

Barry Manilow: It all depends on who the artist is. My overall advice for young musicians and young artists would be to learn how to read music. I know it sounds dumb, but I’m telling you, man… Young musicians and young singers, learn how to read music. If you can read music, you’ll always be able to work. If you can’t, maybe you will become Whitney Houston, but that’s a rarity. If you can read music, you can always work because you can do studio jobs, you can do commercials, you can do whatever you want and actually have a career and if you are really talented then great. But if you don’t happen to luck into something like a hit single, then you can always work.


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