A Conversation with Bravo’s Kirk and Laura Knight – HuffPost 3.17.15

Mike Ragogna: Kirk and Laura, you are the ultimate power couple with combined success that borderlines obsession, starring in Bravo’s Newlyweds: The First Year. In order to make this merger work, what are some of your biggest compromises?

Kirk Knight: Our lives are extremely busy and we can easily get wrapped up in everything outside of the relationship. We make a conscious effort to make time for one another every day, without distractions. Compromise is one of the major components to a successful relationship. The key is to find balance in the relationship while not compromising yourself. Tall order for most people.

MR: What are some past habits, issues, possessions or lifestyle elements that either needed major compromise or to be jettisoned after the marriage?

KK: I am extremely analytical and my business has required me to make decisions quickly that I believe are right. When I make these decisions in business I am not seconded guessed, nor do I like to be. Sometimes that can bleed into my relationship, where I may be short and come across righteous. In a relationship, you really need to listen more to your spouse and come together as a team to develop the best decision for your marriage.

LK: Before dating Kirk, I was always independent as an adult. It took time for me to think in terms of we instead of I. Accepting that element of a relationship brought us closer together as a unified front.

MR: It’s pretty much a given that “reality” shows are not exactly that. To what degree are you okay with the cameras being in your faces, recording the daily joys and dramas? And doesn’t that affect the intimacy of your marriage, especially at a time when you need to explore more depth in your relationship?

KK: The cameras are filming for just over a year, but we also have a couple cam, which allows us to film moments that the film crew cannot. This really gives an added perspective to sharing with the public. When doing a reality show, you truly need to make the decision to share and open up your life for the public to see–this includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. We discussed doing the show in great detail before we agreed. Ultimately, we believe in our relationship and the foundation we have created. The cameras can affect your relationship if you are not prepared for the reality of filming a yearlong reality show. Laura and I do really well with the cameras being there, but we like excitement and are very much risk takers. The intimate moments may be interrupted at times, but for the most part we live our lives–it just happens to be in front of an entire film crew. We still have our private time or at least until our sex tape is released. The sex tape is being released in 2015.

MR: Might this television aspect actually be part of what contributed to the success of your marriage?

KK: We embrace adventure and where most people would get stressed, we shine. I think our relationship is successful because of who we are as individuals and most importantly who we are together. I believe each adventure we encounter will ultimately help us to grow and strengthen our relationship.

MR: What do you make of the show’s success?

KK: I can’t say enough about the show–it is intriguing and exciting. I was a fan before we did the show and I love watching the joys and challenges couples face when merging their lives. Filming for 12 months is not that typical for a reality show. This series really gets into our lives and shows our trials and tribulations. There will be a lot of people that can relate to what our first year brings. Many will be shocked and I believe all will be intrigued.

MR: Is there any major evolution in the way the show is being shot since the first season? Any huge surprises coming?

KK: We have some major decisions and roadblocks in front of us. I believe some of these issues will leave the viewers in tears, some will have them laughing out loud and others may just have them in shock. Through the good and the bad, we encounter a lot of relatable issues that couples across the country have either faced or will be faced with during their first year of marriage.

MR: What advice would you give to other reality show stars or newlyweds in general?

KK: Before making the decision to be on a reality show, you need to have a strong relationship and be comfortable with who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple. Communication is key and the largest part of communicating is truly listening and hearing what your partner is expressing.

MR: Any plans after the show wraps? Rumor has it you’re working on razzd.com right now plus an app to go along with it.

KK: Razzd.com is a website and mobile app (available in the app store) that allows people to argue regarding any topic or headline. This is how the site works… One person records a video explaining their side of an argument and challenges someone else, who in turn records a video with an opposing view. Then the videos go live for the public to comment and vote on who they believe is right. After 3 days, the person with the most votes is declared the winner.

After each episode, Laura and I will be “Razzing” each other on the main topics we have gone through on the show so the public will be able to vote on who they believe is right and wrong.

People love to be heard and want to voice their opinions. Everyone in this world, while in an argument, has said “if you ask anyone they will agree with me” – well now you can ask everyone. We have all wondered who is right and who is wrong and now we can finally find out. I want everyone to get their chance to share that. Razzd.com is more of a podium for people to express themselves, challenge each other and be entertained, while deciding who’s right and who’s wrong.

MR: Sorry to ask this, I mean no offense by it, but what happens if one of the couples don’t make it and want a separation or divorce? Is the show prepared for such obstacles?

KK: Having your lives exposed to national television for a year is going to capture the couples at their best and worst. This may ultimately add to a level of stress that may contribute to a relationship deteriorating. Problems are magnified and scrutinized to a much greater level when shown to a national audience. Couples may not survive and in such an event the viewers will witness their downfall. Every relationship has its trials and tribulations–some will survive and some will not.

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