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A Conversation with Julian Lennon on the Revolution and “Lucy” – HuffPost 12.14.09

Mike Ragogna: Julian, this is like your twentieth interview of the day? Julian Lennon: (laughs) It’s been a looong day, but I’m fine. MR: Are you all talked-out yet? JL: No, this is partly the beginning of the onslaught. You know, it’s been a while since I’ve done any interviews so I haven’t quite condensed […]

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A Very Special Christmas (Special Olympics Series) Conversation with Tim Shriver, Vicki Iovine, Colbie Caillat, Carter Twins & Mitchel Musso – HuffPost 12.10.09

Mike Ragogna: Tim, what is the mission of the Special Olympics organization? Tim Shriver: I think our movement is a force for social change, it’s a real civil rights movement in 180 countries around the world. In each of those countries, villages, cities, and towns, our job is to empower people with intellectual disabilities through […]

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An Interview with Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix – HuffPost 12.7.09

Back in 1977, singer-songwriter and activist Harry Chapin co-founded the organization World Hunger Year with Bill Ayers, a famous DJ of the era, because, as his daughter Jen explained, “He saw hunger and poverty as an insult to America.” When Chapin passed, his organization lived on mainly with the support of his friends, family, and […]

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