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Daryl Hall & John Oates – HuffPost 12.3.09

[Note: These are quotes taken from my interviews with Daryl Hall and John Oates that are included to be inspirational.] Mike Ragogna: On your show, you’ve featured classic acts such as Smokey Robinson, Todd Rundgren, and Nick Lowe, but you’ve also focused on current artists like Matt Nathanson, Chromeo, KT Tunstall, Travis McCoy of Gym […]

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Talking Heads Jerry Harrison & Chris Frantz – HuffPost 11.4.09

[Note: This was taken from my interviews with Chris Frantz and Jerry Harrison regarding Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense video upgrade and release, and it is presented here to be inspirational.] Mike Ragogna: How would you rate Stop Making Sense with the rest of the Talking Heads catalog? Jerry Harrison: I would say that if no one […]

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Train’s Jimmy Stafford, Scott Underwood & Pat Monahan – HuffPost 10.28.09

Mike Ragogna: In some ways, Save Me… sounds a lot like a return to your earlier work, was that intentional? Jimmy Stafford: That was kind of our goal. We took some time off between the last album and this one, and coming back into it, we felt like we wanted to win back our core fan base, […]

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